Powering your potential with spiritual treasures

Using mantra meditation, real feng shui, and I Ching oracle to improve your wellbeing. Know yourself. Un-divide your mind. Open your wisdom eye. Nature shows you how to feng shui your health, love, success, wealth, and knowledge. You can have a more satisfying life because you are a rare human being. Reach for the stars now.

Mantra Matrix

Buddhist Sanskrit Meditation Resources
  • Mandala of Nature, Songs, Verses, Prayers, Wisdom Yoga, Guided Meditation
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A real feng shui master, Buddhist teacher, homebody, and just a guide who loves to point the way for many, many students and clients consciously and concretely realizing a happier and more fulfilling life.

Real students real results

My son is now attending the best private school in the UK for autism and a scholarship from the council! Totally incredible and totally unheard of it -- next to never ever happens!
Sibéal Caisleán, Fashion Designer
My journey into Buddhism, with ZenWise as my Buddhist teacher, has changed my life, but most of all saved my life. ​From a very young age, I have tried every New Age paraphernalia.
Sharon-Denise Taylor, Marathon Runner
Out of the blue, I received... The work has been regular and ongoing for six months now. In my profession, work like this is quite hard to come by. So is this third time lucky, you decide!
Tom McGahan, Photographer
Thank you for that practical solution which has brought great benefit to my daughter. She was offered a great job, which she loves. Her health has also shown improvement.
Margaret Willis, Shopkeeper
I received a 4 digit offer to appear as a consultant at a business seminar for a client. Since the new year I have never been busier with new clients connecting with me. Thank you.
Ian Jones, EnjoyHolistic.com
I was able to access my first ‘pot of gold’! From nothing to a monetized complete success! We were able to sell it for the maximum amount possible. Our second ‘pot of gold’.
Joanne Slater, Entrepreneur
After the changes... I definitely must say that a lot has happened for me professionally. My books are now for sale in several book stores. I am very grateful and very pleased with the results of the consultation.
Jørgen Moranis, Author
Well what can I say except hoorah and ten thousand thank yous!!! We just won €10,000 on a lottery scratch card!! Thanks again, Master ZenWise, your consultation has changed our lives.
👈 Gratefully Anonymous
From simply looking at the outside of my house, ​Master ZenWise was able to tell me all about my family and their current relationships! ​Since then, my health and outlook have improved tremendously.
Paul Carnell, Sunscreem Band

TWOracle 101

  • Basic Metaphysics Knowledge
  • Introductory I Ching Divination
  • Tao Tech & I Ching → Tao Te (chi) Ching
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TWOracle Hexagram Divination

TWOracle is the unity of yin and yang, past and future, known and unknown...
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Yoga Practice Foundation

  • Manjushri Fearlessness Meditation
  • Yoga Dharma Empowerment
  • Secret of 108 Mala Practice
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Awakened Healer

Seven Star Medicine Buddha
Master Healer Workshop
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Wisdom Star Feng Shui

Shining wisdom + Wish upon a star + Activate your potential = Transform your life
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